Stellaris Review

Stellaris is a wonderful experience in exploration, adventure and expansion. This game is a delight for fans of sci-fi of all stripes, I strongly urge anyone of said persuasion to pick up this game and experience it for yourselves. Now that I’ve gotten that gushing out of the way: Stellaris is the newest in Paradox Interactive’s line … More Stellaris Review

Fallout 4 Review

My relationship with Bethesda games is an abusive relationship to say the least. My initial forays of passionate gaming began with Oblivion, an experience like that of eating tub after tub of supermarket brand ice-cream. Ignoring the horrible, icy bits and gorging through the whole lot. This was a trend continued in both Fallout 3 and New Vegas, where … More Fallout 4 Review

Dropsy Review

With the advent of games like The Walking Dead and Wolf Among Us, adventure games have made their way back into the popular gaming scene. In many ways it’s never been a better time for classic game types like that of the old-school point and click games, due the ease of advertising and possibility of crowd funding. Although … More Dropsy Review